Kubera (Vaisravana / Jambhala).

An t-amulets de Kubera (Vaisravana / Jambhala).
Kubera is in the Hindu tradition the Lord of wealth and the King of Yaksha,
but he is also a Lokapala protector of the world.
Kubera is also revered both by Buddhists and Jain.
Kubera is often pictured as a plump dwarf, holding a fruit
(lemon or pomegeranate) in one hand
and on the other a jewels spitting moongoose.
It is often that Kubera a bhaineann le Goddess Lakshmi agus
An Tiarna Ganesh, forming with them some kind of Trinity of the wealth Gods.
Amulet a chaitheamh Kubera is clearly
one of the best choice possible to attract wealth.